Customisable Calendar with Events (Chinese)

LianTze Lim
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Creative Commons CC BY 4.0

Customisable calendars supporting different languages, sizes (normal, "giant" and "small"), colours and illustrations. The calendars can be marked with events with date ranges, with different markers and styles.

  • The default-sized calendars print 2-up on A4-sized papers and should fit CD jewel cases.
  • The "small" calendars print 4-up on A4-sized papers and should fit 3.5" floppy disk cases.
  • The "giant" calendars are full-page A4-sized.

Colours, illustrations, fonts etc are customisable.

Use the sundayweek document class option to make weeks start on Sundays.

Localisation possible with languages supported by babel/translator/datetime2.

Tested with british, spanish, french, ngerman, italian, portuges, polish, croatian, greek. Use the nobabel option and make your own customisations, for languages not supported by babel and/or translator. This is an example of such a customisation for Chinese, compilable with XeLaTeX.

See this template for the original English version.

Or fork it on Github!

Customisable Calendar with Events (Chinese)